A Visit to the Yogic Mind

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“When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.” –Sanskrit blessing

We have all heard yoga participants speak of a magical state of mind that can be found after or during their practice. Some refer to it as “balance” or “finding themselves”. In extreme and lasting cases, it can be called “nirvana”. Whatever name this state is called by, its characteristics remain the same.

A feeling of connection with the present moment identifies this state of mind. The connection also reaches the body, the earth, and all living beings. I believe that this state, though common, is different for everyone. In much the same way people can visit the same city and have a different impression of it, we have all been to this place of mind, even though the descriptions differ.

I refer to this state as “the yogic mind”. Some people live their whole lives there. But for the rest of us, who only regular visitors, I have written this article as a meditation to guide you into that state. This meditation in writing may be used in a yoga class. For best results, and acknowledgement of the delightful cheesiness, I recommend reading it with a smile. Let’s go!

Imagine that your body is composed of a shimmering, moving wave of light. Billions of particles are flowing rhythmically within it. But the light and the particles are intelligent, playful, and interactive. They communicate with one another through sparkling flashes. You may pause and imagine this for a moment.

Now envision that a light breeze is blowing. Your light-body sways easily with the breeze, and notice that the breeze is made of this same material. It is blown gracefully and easily, like a sheet in the wind. Look beyond your body now, onto your mat. Envision that the mat, at its most microscopic level, is composed of the same stuff that you are. When you are ready, look beyond the mat. See the trees outside, swaying in the wind. They, too, are comprised of the intelligent energy. Whatever you see outside, be it skyscrapers, parking lots, or the next office building, they are also this same stuff that you are. You are related to everything. If you can see the sky, imagine that the rain falling or the clouds forming are also teeming with vibrant energy. If it is sunny, imagine the beams falling on everything equally, giving its energy continuously to the earth. Move beyond your environment, now, to the people in it. Know that this same yogic mind within you also exists in them. Consider that you all have equally important roles within the same story. Consider that, maybe, you are all on the same side. Their yogic mind is united with yours.

Move beyond the people you can see, to everyone whom you do not know. Out there, in a vast sea of energy, are many people who are like you. Billions of people are waiting out there, to work with you, perhaps be your friend. Your yogic mind reaches out to theirs. We are all important parts of the universe.

Perhaps there is a problem you are working on. Do not leave it outside, but bring this problem in with you, to let your yogic mind work on it. Whatever you are working on, there is a solution. Hold this problem in your mind, now, letting the streams of energy that everything is work over it. The centered, yogic mind is untangling this problem, finding the best solution for everyone. There are trillions of streams of energy at work. We are all intelligently working together. No problem can remain very long, before the energy shifts and changes it. There are billions of ways a situation may turn out. When you are here, in your yogic mind, you have opened the pathways of connection. Help will come from an unexpected place, because you have opened the door. You will now be able to see your help when it turns up, because you are no longer by yourself, you are connected to everyone and everything in the universe. Perhaps you will be the unexpected help that shows up for someone else. Imagine that while you are in this yogic mind, you have a toll-free hotline to the universe. Imagine that there is nothing you need to do, because everything will rush through the doors to you. Ultimately, the yogic mind is one of connection.

If you have eyes to see that everything is connected, you will follow the links easily to your destiny, and light the path for everyone behind you. You are safe, free, and calm. You know what you need to, and whatever was bothering you before is now a very small concern, because you are solving it with a ‘Supreme’ mind.

This was a little glimpse into the yogic mind. However you get there, know that you have been where many others have been before. It is a special place that we are all getting back to, again and again. Thank you for reading along with me. I’ll see you there!

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