A New Future Society Healing and Yoga Center

Rockville, MD

A New Future Society Healing and Yoga Center

Imagine sitting at your desk and nothing seems to be going right. Maybe it’s been like this awhile.Now, think back to a time when everything was flowing well.It is important to nourish your spirit and soul so that you can be there again. It is possible, you know it is. The Divine desires this for you. It takes your courage and determination to keep the light on. It’s taking the time to heal, to reignite your energy, and return to your spiritual self.At the NFS Center, through its special yoga, healing methods, and light-renewing processes, this will happen because of your connection with our energy. Our belief is that when we help you take care of you, you then can help take care of the world.Yes, there is a lot of stress in the world. It engulfs us — fast. This is why it is so important to find that special place you deserve.We invite you to come to the inspiring Day of the Goddess and enlightening meditation events or one of our exclusive spiritual yoga sessions that will realign your light. Or work with Savitri Devi exclusively.Join us to renew yourself now. We believe you deserve it. Visit http://www.newfuturesocietycenter.com/ to find the right event — Savitri and others like you will be there. If you are not sure what event is best, call Savitri for a confidential and complimentary conversation.

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14010 Arctic Ave.
Rockville, MD 20853

Phone: (301) 460-1417
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