Trika Institute

Berkeley , CA

Trika Institute

Trika Institute is a nonprofit center for the study and practice of nondual Tantra. We teach Tantrik philosophy and its associated practices of hatha yoga, Adi Yoga, Nadi Yoga, kriya yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, and Tantrik ritual. Foundation Course offerings include: Tantraloka, 12 Stage View Training, Six Realms Training, What is Death: The Tantrik View of Death and Dying, What is Love: Structure and Clarity in Relationships, Fundamentals of Fire Ceremony, Sexual Tantra, and much more. Specialized courses of study known as the Six Ways of Practice include the Way of Adi Yoga, the Way of Meditation, the Way of Tantrik Ayurveda, the Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Mahasiddhas, and the Way of the Vajra. These are complete subsystems, facets of the jewel of nondual Tantra, which, combined with our sincere intention and practice, help us discover our Real Nature. Classes, courses, workshops, retreats, and pilgrimages take place throughout the year. Trika Institute also holds daily, weekly, and monthly pujas, and celebrates major holidays of the Hindu calendar. Trika Institute was founded in 1997 when director Dharmanidhi Sarasvati, after 10 years of study, was given the mandate by his gurus to form a school of nondual Tantrik Yoga for lay westerners. Trika Institute is located within the beautiful studio of Yoga Mandala, which is an authorized and consecrated Shiva-Nataraj Mandir.

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2807 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley , CA 94705

Phone: (510) 420-1983
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