6 Steps to Meditation

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Meditation is a wonderful practice to balance every aspect of your life. Today’s crazy world leaves us feeling drained and imbalanced. The practice of meditation is the ability to steady your mind, body, and soul. The connection between mind, body, and soul is the key to seek inner peace. Mediation is a form of self-care that is important to incorporate into your daily life.

Here are 6 Steps to Mediation…

  1. Settle in. Find a comfortable seat or lie all the way down. Press the sitz bones into the ground, feeling the rooting sensation at the base of your tailbone. Relax the shoulder blades down the back. Reach up through the crown of your head. Breathe naturally.
  2. Bring yourself into the present. There are five steps to live in the present moment. Breathe, relax, feel, watch, and allow. (BRFWA)
  3. Deepen your breath. Use a three part breath. First inhale into the abdomen, second the ribs, and third the collarbones. Exhale out through the collarbones, out through the ribs, and pushing the last bit of air out of the abdomen. Find a steady pace with a deep inhale and deep exhale.
  4. Watch the breath. Let go of any effort to breathe a certain way. Just breathe. Allow the air to naturally flow in and out of your body. Be mindful of each new breath being just as important as the last. Be effortless. Be the observer. The pattern of breath may change rhythm just allow it to happen naturally.
  5. Broaden your awareness. As your concentration begins to deepen into the present moment, broaden your focus on everything happening inside and outside of you. As the breath naturally shifts focus on the strongest sensations in your belly, chest, nose, or mouth. Broaden your awareness to feelings and thoughts. Allow this focus to flow from moment to moment. Allow thoughts to come into focus then blur out to the next. Focus on discomfort, how can you find a change of perspective. If you become distracted on one thought for too long, use your breath to take the focus back to a relaxed flow.
  6. Let go of all technique. When you feel that the meditation is ready to come to a close, stay there for a moment. This moment of clarity where all effort is released. Let go of everything you experienced during meditation. Just be there for a moment. Offer an affirmation or gratitude for that practice.

I truly believe that meditation can change the world. When we take those few precious moments to practice meditation, we offer ourselves the opportunity to live more balanced. We allow things to flow more naturally throughout our day. Instead of so much resistance and turbulence we find that life has the ability to flow naturally if we allow it to do so. Best wishes for you and your practice of meditation!

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