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You may have experienced your teacher offering for you to join in a chant. This chant might come at the beginning or end of a yoga class. This common chant is known as ‘Om’. Om or Aum is an ancient tradition in Buddhism and Hinduism religions. Yoga is not only an amazing body alignment work out for the Western world, it actually originated as an Eastern world’s spiritual practice. Similar to how Christians end a prayer with an ‘Amen’, Buddhists and Hindus use the syllable ‘Om’ to begin and end a prayer.

Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon. When you chant Om with a group of other spiritual individuals you truly experience that out of body feeling. This chant is uplifting and connects you with your true Self and those who are around you. The healing properties that this vibrational frequency offers your body is truly incredible. The meaning of Om is the sacred connection to the Divine and the connection to the true and complete Self. It stands for the iconic universal truth and knowledge.

One time, I was participating in a group chant with about sixty other students at my yoga teacher training program. All of the sudden, I felt this overwhelming joy in the midst of the chant. I couldn’t help but start laughing with the urge of joy that was pulled out from under me. The sound of everyone’s tone was absolutely in sync with each other! This was not planned to be exactly in tune, it happened naturally. The power of the group chant is one of a kind. This chant literally connects every individual with the same tone and vibrational frequency.

Another time, I chanted with a group of close friends around a fire at a full moon and art party. We held each other’s hands and chanted “Om” together. I could literally feel the vibrational frequency circulating through each of our connected hands. This was truly an out of body experience. One of the girls said she could literally see the colors of the rainbow illuminating each of us! Life is your own perception of course. These moments aren’t forced or manipulated, these are natural and rare occurrences that are meant to be recognized.

I grew up being fairly shy. I was not the person who you would say was outspoken. I have always spoken truth but I was very timid. I only would chime in when necessary. My older sister would always speak for me growing up. Although I am so grateful for her and she only did it to protect me, it made it hard for me to speak for myself. When I discovered this idea of chanting it definitely opened my mind. I feel that chanting made it easier for me to speak my truths. I feel that chanting helped me to feel comfortable with my tone of voice. You could picture that my throat chakra was almost blocked before chanting became an important part of my life.

Join in with a class and a yoga teacher that promotes group chanting. Even if you are the most outspoken person you know it is still important to find your own tone in a chant. Try it now!

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