5 Ways to Share Love

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I truly believe that love is the cure to all things in life. When we feel love we cannot feel the fear. When we feel love, we feel happy and free. Love is abundant and available to everyone. We are the ones that seek love. As much as we seek love, we need to know how to share love as well. Sharing love is equivalent to receiving love. When we open our hearts anything in this world becomes possible. Make sure you open your heart to yourself first and foremost. Then share that love with the world! Here are five ways to share love…

  1. Gift love. You don’t need to spend a fortune on giant gifts and break your bank. Instead, a gift is where the little things matter the most. On a daily basis give a little gift of love. A chocolate bar, a kiss, a smile, a flower, a song, or any gift that is small but mighty. Make an effort to gift love every single day and see how your relationship blossoms.
  2. Spend time. Offer time for the ones you love. When you offer this time, allow yourself to be fully present in the moment. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and social media that our minds are more distracted than ever. Use this quality time wisely, as it is your investment to love itself. Time is of the essence so be grateful for every single moment.
  3. Affirm your feelings. Speak the words of love. Tell someone you love them. When you vocalize your feelings and emotions you are allowing your heart to truly open. You are manifesting love itself. Daily affirmations of love and expressing feelings are what keep a strong bond. Saying the meaningful words, “I love you” is literally the best way to share love.
  4. Show devotion. Give your love to another by willing to participate in events that make your lover happy. Go to the restaurant they want to try out and try new food. Go to the concert they want to see and experience new sounds. Whatever the activity might be, be there for them as their guest of honor. Show your lover that you care to do what they like.
  5. Feel the love. Touch your partner with affection and love. When you place your hands on them offer a massage or loving touch to make them feel good. Feel the love literally transferring from your touch onto their soul. Gentle and affectionate gestures such as holding their hand are the ways to connect through physical touch. Love is more than just lust it is being their to hold their hand through every second of life.
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