5 Ways to Seek Mindful Living

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To seek mindful living is to embrace the present moment for all of the savory sweetness it has to offer. To be mindful is to be conscious of your thoughts and actions within the exact moment of awareness. Mindfulness is taking everything in and processing life in a healthy manner. It is a constant practice and will offer you the insight to live your life to its fullest extent. You really get to savor the sweetness of every single moment. The practice of mindfulness also helps you do deal with tough situations in a way that will help you grow and evolve as a human being. Here are five steps to seek mindful living…

  1. Mindful living is all about concentration. To be mindful is to concentrate on what is happening in the present moment. You are always breathing. That is why breath is the first step to seek mindful living. Concentrate on your breath. Right here, right now you are breathing.
  2. Bring your full awareness into the present moment. Whatever it is you are doing allow your focus to be on that. Concentration is an important step to lead you to mindful living. There is no need to overthink when you are concentrating on something. The trick is to allow the awareness to happen naturally and directly.
  3. Be aware. Notice what you are feeling within yourself. Truly feel the awareness of your body. Absorb all of your five senses right in this present moment. You want full awareness of what you are doing, what you feel in your body, and how you are concentrating. Be aware that you are present within this moment right now.
  4. When we put effort forth to focus and concentrate, we sometimes feel a sense of resistance. We feel this resistance to be distracted, interrupted, or maybe fear of either happening. This fourth step is the release of tension. Surrender your entire being fully into this present moment. Surrender to what is happening here and now.
  5. Be effortless. All of these five steps to seek mindful living happen naturally in every moment. However, it is good to practice each step and to become acquainted with yourself in that manner. This fifth step is to be effortless at breathing, concentrating, being aware, and surrendering. Allow yourself to experience each present moment naturally throughout your day and throughout your life. We naturally breathe every second without having to think about it. When we bring our awareness to that fact, we realize that surrendering to a situation we are able to concentrate on what is happening right here and now.

Be mindful of the present moment. That is the most important practice of life. When you absorb every second of your life you get to appreciate everything within that moment. There is no room for regret or over thinking when you are completely present and alert. Seek to live mindful life!

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