5 Steps to Conscious Eating

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Health trends are fun to try out and learn about, but I think that we each know what is best for our own bodies. If gluten doesn’t irritate me I may not remove it completely out of my diet just because everyone else is doing it. If someone suffers from Celiac disease then they should definitely remove it completely out of their diet. Conscious eating is the most important way to consume foods. Being aware of what your body needs and doesn’t need will help you to live a healthy life. As Swami Kripalu said, “The topic of diet is a maze in which even the most intelligent person can get lost.” Here are five steps to practice conscious eating…

  1. Offer gratitude. Many different cultures and religions pray or offer gratitude prior to eating their food. Offering gratitude is a great practice to conscious eating no matter that your spiritual belief in life might be. Every time you sit down to eat, offer gratitude for the food in front of you. Take that moment to be thankful. Be grateful for that food that is about to nourish your body.
  2. Take your time. Sometimes when we are hungry we dive into our meal without even noticing how fast we are eating it. Your body takes a certain amount of time to digest food. Be conscious about how fast you consume your food and how long it is going to take for your body to digest it. You will enjoy your meal if you eat more slowly and chew more thoroughly. As many people are aware, your saliva is the first step in the process of digestion.
  3. Use your senses. Taste what you are eating. Smell what you are eating. Feel what you are eating. Hear what you are eating. See what you are eating. Savor every taste, flavor, and texture. Get the full experience by being aware of all five senses while eating.
  4. Appreciate this time to eat. Settle into this present moment of this dining experience. It is said to take around twenty minutes for the body to realize that it is eating so offer yourself that amount of time to eat. Plan ahead so that you can feel reassured that there is no rush involved with eating your meal. Your digestive system will thank you for your patience.
  5. Balance your diet. If you are planning on changing your diet, you want to take some time to adjust. If you wanted to switch over to a completely raw diet you don’t want to do it in one day for that will shock your body. You want to keep balance and gradually shift the diet over to something new. Notice if you eat healthy regularly and one day you binge on grease and fats. You’re going to have a hard time digesting the grease and fats not only because it’s hard on your body but also you are not used to eating that.

You will notice that the more conscious you are of your eating habits the healthier you will become. You will learn what works and doesn’t work for your body through trial and error. I once blended an entire raw, organic, red beet into my smoothie without realizing it would make me totally sick to my stomach! Some things work for some people and not for others. Enjoy being healthy and consciously eating!

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