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Take a moment to close your eyes with one big inhale and one long exhale. Did you notice a release? We spend all of our lives plugged into different outlets, including work, exercise, friends, family, driving, or any other entertainment. As we are constantly plugged in, our energy does the […]

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Beauty is a characteristic of an animal, person, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of satisfaction or pleasure. Beauty is something that we as humans perceive. Everyone has a different perception of life, therefore everyone has a different perception of beauty. The mass media likes to think […]

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Zen In, Zen Out
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There are times in life when you just want to find some zen. The word zen means to absorb or the art of being in a meditative state. This absorption happens while practicing meditation. This practice of zen focuses less on the sutras and doctrine and more on personal experience […]

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The Dark Side of the Yoga Community
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Everything in life holds negative and positive forces. There is a constant pull between the two forces and this pull is what keeps the balance. It is not always easy to accept the dark side of life as it is not always as beautiful as the light side. I love […]

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Oh Ego…
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Einstein created an equation to describe the ego, ego=1/knowledge. He quoted, “More the knowledge, lesser the ego. More the ego, lesser the knowledge.” The idea of ‘the ego’ is the ‘I’ or self and its experience or reaction to the outside world. Many people have called someone an egomaniac for […]

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Cow Face Pose – Gomukhasana – How To
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  Cow face pose also known as Gomukhasana, is a great heart opener. This yoga posture is especially beneficial during times of self-exploration. This posture stretches the hips, ankles, thighs, shoulders, armpits, triceps, and neck. If you have any previous neck or shoulder injuries please be mindful before performing this […]

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Yin and Yang
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  I have always been fascinated by the symbol of Yin and Yang, since I was a young child. This idea of white and black. Two opposite colors or noncolors intertwining one another to create one objective symbol. The symbol of Yin and Yang derives from ancient Chinese philosophy. The […]

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