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Eastern and Western World Yoga
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Yoga is an ancient tradition of uniting mind, body, and soul. This practice of uniting or connecting all three parts leads to a complete yogic lifestyle. Hatha Yoga texts emerged in the Eastern world around the 11th century. The Eastern culture of yoga is very peaceful and consist of a […]

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Issues in the Tissues
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The practice of yoga is a healing process. We are aligning our physical body with our mental and emotional body with the use of our breath body. All of these parts of ourselves are uniting through our practice of yoga. This is where the term yoga or β€˜to unite’ originates […]

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Healing Energy
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Have you ever noticed when you hurt a finger or a limb, like stubbing a toe? Ouch, right? Do you ever notice how you go to grab that injured body part? That is because your nerves signal your brain to focus on the pain you feel on that part of […]

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Relax and Restore
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Restorative yoga is the ultimate practice of relaxation. A yoga teacher changes roles from instructing to becoming the caregiver. Restorative yoga is the master of props. During a restore class, you grab a couple blankets, blocks, bolsters, a strap, and a couple of sandbags. The postures used in restorative are […]

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Down Dog!
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Yoga is an amazing full mind and body workout! If you are seeking true alignment with your mind and body then yoga is exactly what you need. One of the most popular postures in yoga is Downward Facing Dog. Downward dog is also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana. It is […]

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