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What’s Up with SUP?
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A wonderful light in the yoga world is Rachel Brathen. She is known as Yoga_girl on social media’s Instagram. I highly recommend following her page and reading her book called Yoga Girl. She is one of the original Stand-Up Paddleboard Yogis. This practice brings yoga into the water! Paddleboarding is […]

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Karma is a B…lessing
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We all know the phrase ‘what goes around comes back around’. This phrase is the perfect definition for Karma. Karma is the idea that one’s actions will be the fate of their future. This concept that what you give you shall receive. This gift can be positive and in turn […]

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Find Your Dharma
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Dharma is a sanskrit word. Dharma can be described as one’s duty in life. This duty can also be compared to one’s life calling. What is your life calling you to do? This calling can be family oriented, personal, or both. What do you find yourself thinking about doing, maybe […]

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Calm the Chaos
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The chaos theory is a mathematical concept also known as the butterfly effect. The idea of the butterfly effect is that small causes lead to larger effects. It is a true concept in life to consider. Anything you want to accomplish in your life requires an initial thought. That small […]

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If you have been to a yoga class, you’ve noticed the teacher ending class with the term “namaste”. This gesture is a thank you or ‘I bow to you’. Many people in the Indian culture use this gesture throughout their daily lives as a way of acknowledging each other. The […]

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Fresh Start
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If you have seen the movie Groundhog Day you know that Bill Murray’s character wakes up every morning to relive Groundhog Day. This idea of a fresh start reminds me of this movie. What if we had the chance to relive certain experiences. Would you relive the happiest moments? Would […]

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The Core Yoga Pose
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If you are looking to build a strong core and flat abs you have clicked on the right article! Yoga postures strengthen every muscle in the body. The abdominals are the number one muscle group that are strengthened during yoga practice. As we know the core is the body’s powerhouse […]

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Triangle Pose
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Triangle pose is known as ‘Utthita Trikonasana’ in sanskrit. This posture benefits your mental and physical equilibrium, it also eases stress and anxiety. Triangle pose strengthens your knees, hips, and core. If you suffer from migraines or high blood pressure it is best to not lift your hand over the […]

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The New Age of Enlightenment
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In the late 17th and 18th centuries, there was a European intellectual movement. This movement highlighted reason and individualism rather than tradition. This movement was known as The Age of Enlightenment. In this time, there was a shift of consciousness and philosophy around the era of scientific exploration. History tends […]

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To coexist means to exist together with a mutual tolerance for different ideologies and interests. There are so many people on this planet, too many people on this planet, over seven billion humans! We are all unique. Unique ideologies, interests, personalities, beliefs, appearances, fashion, heights, weights, colors…etc. We have to […]

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