Month: April 2016 | Places to Yoga - Part 2

Himalayan Pink Salt
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Asia is home to the Himalayan Mountain range. The Himalayan Mountain range stretches through China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and India. Hundreds of millions of years ago, sea salt crystallized within the layers of lava deep inside of these mountains. This layer of crystallized sea salt that formed within […]

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One Degree Shift
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A one degree shift is a baby step. That first step that a baby takes is a huge impact on its life. That one little step is what leads to a future of many steps. Those future steps only happen because of that first initial step forward. What if we […]

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Dance It Off!
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Have you ever just completely let loose and danced uncontrollably? I have, especially when I’m home alone. Dancing is a freeing experience of just allowing your body to move however it feels like moving. Dancing is a natural movement that has been a tradition for every single culture throughout history. […]

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Spring into Spring!
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For many of us, winter is a long time period of freezing cold snow and ice. Outdoor activities can be fun and make these long winter months entertaining. Let’s be honest, we cannot wait until it all melts and for spring to blossom! While we continue to wait out for […]

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What is a Kosha?
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A kosha, or ‘kosa’ in sanskrit language represents a sheath covering the Atman or Self. This is a belief originating from Hindu philosophy. There are five koshas in the Self, each one can be pictured like the layers of an onion. Each of the five layers play a crucial role […]

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The Complete Yogic Breath
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The complete yogic breath is a three part breath. This breathing technique is known as Durga (three part) Pranayama (breath) in the ancient sanskrit language. This breath helps you to focus on the present moment while it calms the mind and grounds the body. It is crucial during your yoga […]

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R e s p e c t
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Self-respect is vital if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life. Always honor yourself by having dignity and self-confidence. I have been told my whole life that I am a nice person and gladly agree that I am. You would think that because I am a nice person, […]

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The Symbol of Yoga
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The symbol of yoga is known as yoga mudra in sanskrit. A hand gesture or yoga posture can be referred to the symbol of yoga. I had once gone to a Ancient Yoga Exhibit at art museum. This exhibit was filled with yogic related artifacts dating all the way back […]

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