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Love is what Matters
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“All you need is love, love is all you need”, this song was created by The Beatles. Their movement was to spread peace, love, and awareness after the war. This was a time of grieving, reconstruction, and celebration of the war being over. The Beatles did many great things in […]

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When I am practicing yoga, I tend to become tense in certain areas without even realizing it. When I realize how tense I have become I then try my hardest to soften that spot. Even when I soften that area, my focus comes off of another tense spot and I […]

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Life can be complicated. There are times we plan out an easy route. To our surprise, this idea of an easy route turns out to be more complex than we thought. This can be discouraging but it does not mean that it is impossible. Life can be compared to a […]

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Music for the Soul
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Music is an incredible gift. From Mozart to modern day hip-hop, music impacts each and everyone of us. The way we experience different types of music and how each one affects our emotions. The way a song can remind you of a certain memory of your life. The way the […]

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Life Force Energy
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Our bodies can be looked at as spiritual machines. We need fresh water and healthy food for our machines to run efficiently. When we run or practice yoga we feel this adrenaline rush throughout our body. We feel this release of dopamine and serotonin in our bloodstream. Our breath is […]

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Forgive or Resent
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It takes a great amount of strength to forgive. When we are given an apology, we have a choice to stay resentful or to forgive. If we choose to forgive we are offering a chance for ourselves to be bigger and stronger than ever before. If we choose to be […]

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Let Go
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It is easy to live in the past state of mind. The past is familiar which makes it feel comfortable. This comfort zone of living in the past is dangerous. It is good to look back and feel proud of your accomplishments. Those things happened and you deserve to give […]

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Practice takes Practice
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Yoga is a practice for the mind, body, and soul. This practice is meant to bring awareness to the Self. When practicing yoga we have to train our bodies to breathe, move, and bend in certain postures. Due to injuries, imbalances, or lack of flexibility some postures are difficult. The […]

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Take a Hike!
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The trees are a gift to us from Mother Nature. We need trees to breathe oxygen. They are the suppliers for oxygen in our lungs. We are their suppliers of carbon dioxide which is what they ‘breathe’. We are all aware of the deforestation happening in the Amazon rainforest and […]

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Improve Your Posture
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Posture can be looked at as the way you sit, walk, run, walk, eat, and sleep. Have you ever had a long drive and notice your legs and back start feeling sore? The way you align your shoulders down your back can make an entire difference in your life. All […]

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