Month: April 2013 | Places to Yoga

How would you describe yourself to a Forensic Artist?
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If you take the time to realize how hard we are on ourselves, you may realize the extraordinary amount of energy we waste criticizing ourselves. We constantly “not thin enough”, “too thin”, “too tall”, “too short”, “not smart enough”, “not good enough”. Do you every have those thoughts about yourself? […]

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A Visit to the Yogic Mind
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“When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.” –Sanskrit blessing We have all heard yoga participants speak of a magical state of mind that can be found after or during their practice. Some refer to it as “balance” or […]

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The Master Multitasker
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The organs of living bodies often accomplish more than one function. Our skin serves to block out pathogens, conserve water, create vitamin D, and provide elasticity for movement all at the same time Similarly, the practice of yoga accomplishes varied and seemingly unrelated feats. Yoga practice is a physical exercise, […]

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