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Pilates 4 Women Only
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Pilates 4 Women Only is more then just a Pilates studio. We are a client-centered, results-driven Pilates, Yoga, and Personal Training Studio in San Diego, Ca. We specialize in Hybrid personal training sessions, Pilates mat/reformer, Vinyasa Yoga and Fusion classes as well as mobile massage.[…]

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Simple ways to clear negative energy from your home
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Recently I discovered this wonderful thing called “clearing negative energy”. Have you ever had the experience of stepping into someone’s home, or place of business, and immediately had an unexplainable feeling of ease and comfort? Or, an instance of going into someone’s home, or business, and immediately felt uneasy and […]

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Yoga Practice with a Cold
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I was as sick as a dog through Christmas and New Year’s: what a way to start the New Year. Tired, lethargic and irritable, my yoga practice suffered. I still fought through my practice, even when I couldn’t do kapalabhati or ujjayi. I yearned for the breathing, the prananaya part […]

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Could God be an Angry Bird?
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At 4:40 a.m. this morning, an hour before my alarm usually blasts gypsy kings to wake me to teach my 6:30 a.m. vinyasa class, I heard, “HAHAHAHAHHA.” “Oh, how nice, I am dreaming of my son Alex’s contagious laugh.” I thought to myself and smiled. Then again even louder I […]

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