Month: August 2012 | Places to Yoga

Feel Free
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From day to day, and even year to year, we walk in emotions that do not serve us. These emotions come from situations in life that were created to test our strength: to prepare us for something greater in our futures. Sometimes without even knowing, we allow the situations to […]

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The Yogi’s Digest
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In my recent studies of Ayurveda and its connection with my beloved yoga practice, I have recently learned of a concept familiar to us all which spreads across all ideas relative to yoga and connects each one like a network of like-minded best friends: The thought of the day is […]

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Dolphin Dreams and Cherubim
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I saw my very first dolphin this week! And I can’t seem to shut up about it! I can’t stop smiling with the joy of it! And I can’t believe how fortunate I was to see such a beautiful creature, literally just outside my front door! I am incredibly blessed […]

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Love, Medicine and Yoga
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So this week I donated most of my pre-med Chemistry and science books to my local library and Save the Children charity shop, having finally discovered that my dharma, truly, is to teach yoga…What a journey this life has taken me on so far! I like how one precious Soul […]

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Yoga: A Practice, Not a Performance
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I’ve seen a lot of articles floating around recently about how to “practice” for yoga class. And hey, I get it! It’s a lot more embarrassing to fall on your face in bakasana when you’re in front of a bunch of people than alone in your living room. But the […]

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