Month: October 2011 | Places to Yoga

Testing your mettle.
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A few weeks ago, I was browsing in a beautiful boutique near my home. This is something I often do when my creative juices have run dry or I have cabin fever. Often, they are the same thing. Anyway, there was this necklace. It lassoed my attention: goldy-colured, lotus shaped. […]

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Bliss Bliss Bliss
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At Bliss Bliss Bliss Membership Massage and Yoga, we believe that body/energy work should be more than a once in a while treat. To us, body/energy work is a fundamental component of wellness and our prices are designed to support you in getting frequent bodywork. We hope your mind-body benefits […]

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Yoga at the Force is a power vinyasa yoga based studio; we also have slow flow, open-level vinyasa, & basic classes. Our studio is set apart from the daily chaos of life with natural lighting and open space. We as teachers are committed to successfully adapt the practice and process […]

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MosaBee Eco-friendly bPlayful Yoga Mat Review Part 1
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We recently had a chance for a hands-on test of the MosaBee Eco-friendly bPlayful Yoga Mat. If you don’t already know, MosaBee is a relatively new company committed to offering the best quality yoga mats on the market. Currently, MosaBee offers two product lines: bPlayful, colorful printed mats, and bSimple […]

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Reflections on Samtosha
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Contentment. Or, to be all Sanskrit-jargony, Samtosha. You can see how people would battle with this when things are crappy, right? But when things are good, and they are still not content, you might start to question their sanity. I’ve certainly been questioning my own, lately. For frikssake, I’m asking […]

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