Month: September 2011 | Places to Yoga

Making Space
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Years ago, a friend of mine had a series of Alexander Technique lessons. Her posture really improved: I asked her how she’d done it. ‘Well,’ she replied, ‘if you stop doing the WRONG things, you make space for the right ones to happen on their own.’ Devastatingly simple. Also, desperately […]

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My first yoga experience
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So here is where my yoga journey began… At the tender and formative age of sixteen, I was spending the summer on the magical island of Bali, with my family. Each year my parents would take my brother and I across the seas to southeast Asia where they conduct their […]

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Weary Warrior
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Photo by Balaji Srinivasan Virabhadra was born of rage. He had lots of arms. He was cutting off heads, poisoning sacred oils, breaking stuff, poking people with sticks, holding a flaming lotus, shooting arrows all at the same time. Does this sound familiar to you? You’re probably not quite as […]

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Yoga Bodies
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One quick search of the web for yoga classes turns up a whole host of options: “Yoga for Seniors,” Yoga for Men,” “Yoga for Over-50,” “Yoga for Plus-Sizes,” “Yoga for Kids,” and the list goes on. There’s a yoga class for just about everyone and everything now, even dogs. The […]

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Freshly minted yoga teacher?
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(photo by Kham Tran) I have a group of delightful teachers working with me in my mm…Yoga! business. One reminds me a lot of me, ten years ago. She qualified quite recently and has this infectious enthusiasm: she just feels so lucky to be teaching yoga for a living.She is […]

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Accepting. And how I do it as Badly as Surrendering
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So here’s the thing: I practice yoga because I NEED to. WIth all the yoga I have done in the last decade or so, I should be an enlightened being with 360- degree vision. But no. I am just human. And, without my yoga practice, a cranky human. Also, a […]

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When control freaks think about letting go…
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There are things I am great at: working hard, disciplined daily yoga practice, working hard… And things I completely suck at, most of which involve letting go of control. I comfort myself with the idea that it’s a contextual thing: sometimes it’s appropriate to surrender, and sometimes it isn’t. Which […]

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If we were in a yoga class right now and I said “Hanuman” you would probably: a) cringe, grimace and find an excuse to fix your clothing, mat, hair, etc. b) become frustrated, enraged, and irritated that some idiot came up with this pose. c) worry intensely about how your […]

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Yoga, on the Rocks
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I just spent three days in the wilderness, without internet. And I survived. Every year my husband and I (and a small group of our assorted closest friends and relatives) head out into the mountains and spend time eating, sleeping, and staring off into space. We occasionally hike, but more […]

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