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The Importance of Reviews for Yoga Studios
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With every passing day, more and more potential students use the internet to first find and then evaluate Yoga Studios. Imagine how you search for a particular product or service. You start an online search, and are bombarded with an overwhelming number of results. How do you choose? What gives […]

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Micr-OM-anaged Monday
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Started the day off a little frazzled. I dropped the kids off at school, wishing them a magnificent Monday and noticed that I couldn’t find my wallet. I drove back home to look for the wallet, only to find it on the passenger side floor of the car; however, made […]

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Bikram Yoga – Proving I Can Still Be a Hot Mess
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This blog posting is about my experience with Bikram yoga. Now, I know I’ll probably catch some flack for what I’m about to write, but I want you to keep in mind that this is simply my experience. Bikram has a large, devoted following, and I’d love to hear about […]

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My Yoga Beginning
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It looked like I had it all, a wonderful husband, two amazing sons and a big beautiful house. Inside I was a workaholic, who was stressed out and scared of change. That all ended in April of 2010, when I was laid off. Instead of fearing change, I decided to […]

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Retreat in Kerala India with Shiva Rae by Tricia Ptak – Pt 1 of 8
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The setting: Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Resort, South of Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum, India All inclusive resort, per diem includes all meals, massage and lodging in a quaint Kerala Style House (very cute and clean).   This haven is perched atop a seaside cliff lined with boulders and shaded by dense, coconut heavy […]

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Lessons from a Neurotic Yogini, Part 2
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A couple of weeks ago I shared a few of the things this modestly obsessive yogini has learned from her fellow yogis (click here for Part1), and these few items round out the list. 5. Setting an intention for class is not setting a goal. I am a list maker, […]

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MUSIC + YOGA … and DJs?!
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Music. Most will agree that music plays a significant place in our lives. From the spontaneous sounds of nature to the orchestrated beats of man-made compositions. Music is emotional, can change our mood, can lighten our spirits, can make us move, or make us cry. Most people agree that music […]

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40 Days of Yoga – A Life Changing Challenge
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So here it is! My first attempt at writing a blog for, and what a challenge it has been. The main reason I decided to take on this blog was to explore yoga more deeply and to challenge myself in new, creative ways. “Challenge is character-building,” as my step-father […]

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Moving On – When You Outgrow Your Teacher
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Attachments are elements of our existence that we try to limit with our yoga practice. Emotions are deeply connected to those attachments and often fuel them. Hmm see a vicious circle forming? As newer students we become comfortable with a certain teacher, we have our “spot” in their class and […]

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