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The Studio Yoga
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At The Studio Yoga we believe than anyone can practice yoga. We work to provide a safe, and healthy opportunity for anyone who desires to experience the body, mind and spirit benefits of yoga. Our highly trained instructors teach a variety of yoga classes for any body and anybody. Through […]

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Lessons from a Neurotic Yogini, Part 1
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I know that ‘yoga people’ are supposed to be free-loving, relaxed, and perpetually glowing, but the fact is that I am in fact both a yogini and the tiniest bit rigid. Stuck in my ways. Conscientious. Disciplined. Maybe a skosh neurotic. This works to my advantage in my community of […]

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Creating some Space
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What does it mean to you when you hear the phrase “Create some space.” Yoga teachers will use this expression to welcome an opportunity to expand both breath and mindfulness. I think of my breath spreading my neck, ribs and belly and all the muscles surrounding these areas. We also […]

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Walnut and mushroom paté
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Last tuesday i had a big recipe testing day. It’s alsways very exciting to spend the day in my home kitchen to experiment with raw food. Today i decided to make a LOT of food, instead of testing only one recipe, i thought it would be great to actually have […]

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Samadhi Pants – Brains
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This one is all about letting go. Stop thinking, just be. Appreciate the moment for what it is, and don’t forget about your feet 🙂[…]

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Naked Yoga
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Grossed out? Don’t be! This is a beautiful thing! I held the first ever successful women’s naked yoga class in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. 29 women attended ranging from the ages of 21-63. Together we entered into my studio, disrobed and hit our mats, naked as could be. The focus was […]

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Announcing Places to Yoga newest contributor, Hali!
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Hola.  My name is Hali.  I am a 33 year old Canadian – mom, yogi, yoga teacher trainer, counsellor, Yoga Gives Back Ambassador & retreat center owner. My newest hat is a blogger on Places to Yoga! Yoga has enabled me to live my dreams and lead with my heart. […]

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