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Catching the Yoga Bug
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January is the best time to practice yoga… unless you’ve been practicing all year, in which case you’re likely to be annoyed by these newcomers snatching ‘your spot’ in your favorite class. Perhaps you’ve noticed a territorial streak and you’re perturbed by the overflowing parking lot and the cramped changing […]

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The Mechanism of Stress
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What is stress? Stress is not a new thing. People have been experiencing stress since the beginning of humanity! What we call stress is a chemical response to danger. The body registers a danger and turns on its “emergency” button to protect and defend itself. The body is then in […]

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Cambio. Yoga
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cambio. is changing the way yoga is accessed in Colorado Springs! Key to cambio.’s mission is the accesibility of yoga to all those who seek it. Realizing part of the barrier to its access is financial consideration, cambio. offers generosity-based classes. In a nutshell, come as you are and let […]

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I Did It – Opening a Yoga Studio in the Netherlands
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I did it! I just opened my very, very own yoga studio! I know, this might not sound very yogaproof, but I am so damn proud! I happen to live (oh, karmic wonder) just above my studio and so I tiptoe quite often, I must say, down the stairs just […]

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Why Not Setting Goals Helped Me Reach Mine
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I recently decided not to set goals (for the New Year or otherwise). And after I did, I started reaching them. What the what? Let me explain. I’m a total goal-hound. If it can be put into an Excel spreadsheet, obsessively journaled about, or checked off a to-do list, I’m […]

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2011 Bali Retreat with Andrea Marcum
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Join Andrea Marcum of U Studio in Los Angeles in the hills of Ubud, Bali. We stay at the incredible boutique retreat site Kumara Sakti, surrounded by rice fields and lush jungle. In addition to Andrea’s strong, mindful yoga practices, we immerse ourselves in the rich culture of Bali. Use […]

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U Studio Yoga
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U Studio is the happiest place on earth! NOBODY puts together a tougher, more gratifying class than Andrea Marcum! Her classes are simple enough for a beginner to follow but challenging enough for the most devoted disciple! – Kate Adler VP Comedy Development, CBS Television Studios[…]

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New Year New You
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Do we really need to change when the year does? Weight loss and self help companies want us to think so. What if our old ways are the way we should be? Are we struggling to change the natural rhythm that makes us who we are? Perhaps instead of focusing […]

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and the Winner is…
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Happy New Year Yogis ! I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner of the 6′ Round Mandala Yoga Mat and Gear. After using our Magic Hat system a winner has been selected. Mr. Samadhi Pants himself, Joseph Boquiren is the soon to be recipient of a 6′ Mandala […]

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Happy New Year Yoga with Tara Stiles
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Happy New Year from Places to Yoga! Tara Stiles has generously shared her New Years Yoga video for all of you to enjoy and to bring in 2011 the right way. Thanks a lot Tara. As many of you might know Tara Stiles is a celebrity yoga instructor, brilliant author, […]

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