Month: December 2010 | Places to Yoga - Part 3

Elements Yoga
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There are five elements that surround us, envelope us, and compose us during every day, week, month, and year of our lives – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Ether. These five elements correspond with our five senses – smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight- which means that all five of […]

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Kula Yoga & Wellness
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KULA is Sanskrit for “grouping together, community, family”. We welcome you to join our “family” as your life journey continues to unfold. Kula Yoga & Wellness is dedicated to helping simplify your life while you strengthen your body and spirit in a tranquil environment. Our Yoga and Mediation classes support […]

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Yoga Class – Improve Your Life and Improve the World
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Compliments to me being on every yoga studio in the country’s email list, I often am invited to attend charitable events at yoga studios benefiting a wide array of causes. I am always so touched to know that the yoga studios in all of our lives want to give back […]

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Uttanasana – Standing Forward Fold
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Ut: Deliberation or Intensity Tan: Stretch This fabulous video, shows Uttanasana step-by-step and offers variations. It is such a great pose, and it is one of my personal favorites to observe progress. You really can see how far you’ve come by doing this pose, because each time you do it […]

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Yoga Booty Ballet – Goddes Booty
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I would like to give two enthusiastic thumbs-up to the founding sisters of Yoga Booty Ballet. Gillian Clark and Teigh McDonough broke the yoga studio mold when they founded LA’s Swerve Fitness, Dance, & Yoga. Not only did they create a studio that worked cardio into yoga, they created a […]

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