Month: November 2010 | Places to Yoga

Samadhi Pants – Dancing Queen
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Warning: After viewing this strip, ABBA tunes may be in your head all day! Joseph Boquiren is a teacher at Kenton Family Wellness Center and Believe Movement Studio. To learn more about the man and the art visit his Facebook Fan Page[…]

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West Side Story + Michael Jackson + Yoga = Perfect Parody
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I am a a raving fan of all things campy, and this video certainly meets that requirement. The scene begins with a group of nice Kundalini students wrapping up a peaceful session when out of the studio next door come some ready-to-rumble Bikram bad-asses. The rumble is fierce and at times frightening, but […]

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Impermanence of Life is a Manifestation of Reality
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All around us we are exposed to “life” as we know it until we are faced with a situation that rocks our world. Good news, bad news or the realization that we have denied the truth creeps in when we least expect it. We could benefit from appreciating these ebbs […]

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