Month: October 2010 | Places to Yoga

Zombie Yoga
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With Halloween being here, I felt it would only be appropriate to show a spooky zombie yoga video. The video was created as a promo for Scott Kenemore’s book The Zen of Zombie. They asked a bunch of yogis to show up dressed like zombies and get their practice on. […]

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What Will People Think?
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“What will people think?” was a large part of my upbringing. My mother was, and to some degree still is, obsessed with how others perceive her and her children. We were taught not to “make a scene.” Praise came from being obedient, helping to clean up, and being nice to […]

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Hilarious, yet Tacky New Yoga Poses
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As most of you have gathered, I am a sucker for some comical, yet trashy yoga videos. It’s kind of my thing. Anyway thanks to my good friends at YouTube I rarely run out of material. I stumbled upon the little nugget of goodness this morning and during several of […]

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My Favorite Places to Yoga
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One of the most wonderful things about practicing yoga is that you can do it practically anywhere—in the comfort of your own home, sitting behind a desk, I’ve even been known to squeeze a little yoga practice in as I drive! With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to practice […]

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My Thoughts on the Manduka PROlite Mat
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When I started practicing yoga, I assumed like most physical endeavors in my life it would be short lived. Naturally, I bought the most adorable, yet modestly priced mat possible from the local Target and strolled into class with the confidence of knowing that my eyes would totally pop up […]

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Awareness – Kind of a Challenging Thing
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I used to think that I was an “aware” individual. I mean, I know where my wallet usually is, and that others around me can hear my nonsense blabber on the phone. I have pretty decent personal space perception and rarely do I hit bump into things with my car. […]

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