Month: September 2010 | Places to Yoga

Delicious & Nutritious, the Everything Raw Yoga Bar
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I recently received a $50 gift certificate just for joining the wicked cool Beon Superfood Club. Hello free money, daddy wants some goodies! The first thing I stumbled upon that was an absolute must have was Everything Raw’s Yoga Bar.[…]

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Hilarious Bing Stockbroker Stress Relief Video
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Nobody knows stress like Stockbrokers. Bing totally turned the concept of search engine overload into an opportunity to comically highlight the value of yoga in reducing one’s stress. On its own, yoga is a perfect way to melt away the day’s worries, but by adding laughter to your practice[…]

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Yoga for the Punk Rocker’s Soul
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Unconventional? Perhaps. A great way to draw in new students to yoga? Absolutely. There is a new twisted yoga being offered at night clubs across the country that is really sparking an interest with the punk music crowd. It’s called Punk Rock Yoga, and it incorporates live music with Hatha […]

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Yoplait & Yoga ~ Funny Digestive Health
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This video is simply adorable. It tries to push eating yogurt as a better way to improve digestion than yoga, but we all know the true story. Yoga is amazing for digestive health and there are several poses that are simple enough for newbies and effective enough for yoga pros to still practice. […]

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Thick vs. Thin Yoga Mat – Tip #2
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Although a thicker mat may seem more comfortable for Savasana, it is not the best choice to support your body during most of your practice. In many poses your wrists need the support of a thin mat to safely support your body.[…]

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Sexy Yoga Vegetable Salad Dressing
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The clearly witty and twisted people at Japan’s Fundokin Puremade Dressings have created a genius commercial that shows the importance of pure ingredients. The vegetables have been accused of being a tad erotic, but I will leave that up to you to judge. I am fully expecting hilarious comments from […]

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Beer Belly No More Thanks to the MGD 64 Yoga Mat
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Miller Genuine Draft, the beer company responsible for the exceptionally low calorie MGD 64 has given its fans a great new tool to keep in shape while supporting their beer of choice. They are now selling the MGD 64 yoga mat for $32 on their site. Although the mat is […]

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The OM Factor
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OM is the supreme and most sacred syllable, consisting of three Sanskrit sounds, (a), (u), and (m). The (a) and the (u) join together to create an (o) sound. OM is pronounced as a long nasalized close-mid back rounded vowel. It is said to be the greatest of all Mantras. […]

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