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Warrior Pose I Position – Tip #22

When practicing Warrior Pose I, square your hips forward and keep them even.

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yoga-pose Yoga Experiences
In short, I have been practicing yoga for 5 years. I have practiced many styles and finally decided on Purna Yoga as the style of my choice. In July 2013, I enrolled at All Life Is Yoga’s ( studio to complete the 200 hour teacher training with Rutu Chaudhari. By the way, Rutu is AMAZING! […]continue reading
camel-pose Camel Pose and the Grieving Process
Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the death of my stepfather. I spent the majority of the day denying my emotions. But then I did a camel pose. My day started early. I was up by 6:30 a.m. I phoned my mother around 7:30 a.m. but made no mention of the significance of the day. […]continue reading

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liquid diet A Liquidarian’s Journey to Ultimate Health, Wealth, and Prosperity
This Blog has been created for each and everyone of you reading this to join and walk this path with me as I see what the human body is capable of when you combine a liquidarian diet with exercise. If you haven’t already done so I recommend reading my bio to get a better understanding […]continue reading
Leaders causing Leaders Leaders causing Leaders – LEADERShift 2010 Event
What do Jason Mraz, Stephen M. R. Covey, and John Friend have in common? They are just a few of the key note speakers at this years Leaders causing Leaders, LEADERShift 2010 event taking place in Long Beach, California this November 6th and 7th. This is a HUGE star-studded event that will inspire you… to […]continue reading
OM NAMAH SHIVAYA BY KRISHNA DAS Om Namah Shivaya, a song by Krishna Das
I recently stumbled upon some astounding beautiful music and chanting by Krishna Das. His voice is soothing, his chanting is grounding, and as a complete package his music is enlightening. Om Namah Shivays is known as the mantra for great redeemincontinue reading
yoga-practice-not-performance Yoga: A Practice, Not a Performance
I’ve seen a lot of articles floating around recently about how to “practice” for yoga class. And hey, I get it! It’s a lot more embarrassing to fall on your face in bakasana when you’re in front of a bunch of people than alone in your living room. But the idea that class is a […]continue reading