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A famous pick-up line is, “What’s your sign?” This is a funny question to ask someone just meeting them. We all have an astrological sign from the day we were born. Each sign has unique qualities. I feel that your sign is personal to you. It describes your good and bad qualities. It shows your […]

To Heal and Be Healed

When we are born, we are fresh out of the oven. Just like a fresh loaf of bread, we do not have any indents or slices off of us yet. We are pure and untainted. Then, as we grow we start to adapt to the outside world. Very different from our loving mother’s womb, we […]

Garden of Life

When I moved to Los Angeles, California I learned the beauty of gardening. Being from Cleveland, Ohio there was opportunity to grow food during the summer. Ohio had perfect soil and during the summer you had the chance to harvest in the fall. In California you can farm food all year long! Since my move […]

5 Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Heart opening yoga poses are great to improve posture and help relieve the stress placed on our backs. They are also an opening experience to immerse yourself into an open heart and open soul. Here are five heart opening yoga poses! Sphinx (Salamba Bhujangasana) This is a gentle backbend while challenging the chest to open. […]

5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is a common factor for the majority of us. We live in a fast paced society, that is based on working all day with very limited time off the clock. We have to work hard in order to have freedom and live comfortably. So how can we manage these crazy work schedules we all […]

Could you be Loved?

It is possible to come to a point in your life when you realize the importance of self-compassion. “To love oneself is the beginning a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde has a point, we do happen to have ourselves to live with forever! We can feel thankful for that. We can be even for grateful for […]


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Featured Studios

Here is a selection of featured yoga studios for you to explore.

Cambio. Yoga

cambio. is changing the way yoga is accessed in Colorado Springs! Key to cambio.’s mission is the accesibility of yoga to all those who seek it. Realizing part of the barrier to its access is financial consideration, cambio. offers generosity-based classes. In a nutshell, come as you are and let your heart and personal financial […]

White Orchid Yoga Studio

White Orchid Yoga is a welcoming sanctuary offering a variety of yoga instruction. We draw upon the rich tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga Method to facilitate your journey of self-exploration. Our classes support all levels of practicioners. Our passion is to give you a unique taste of yoga’s gift of peace, joy, and health.

Hot Yoga Delaware

Yoga can take you to the peak of any mountain you choose to climb… and you do not have to be fit or flexible to receive dramatic results. Our instructors will guide you as you safely sweat your way towards your goal. So whether you’re looking for radiant skin, a tight tush, or expanded consciousness, […]

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